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Information to buy a kitten of Maine Coon Castle

Our Maine Coon kitten are full-fledged family members and we treat them like this. The babies of Maine Coon Castle® get everything they need and we give them the best support to start a good and healthy live. On behalf of our kitten this also means that we disclaim or give up certain things. A serious breeding is everytime connected with a lot of costs. We spend a lot of money on immunisation, veterinarian appointments, food, associations, shows and for the certain services of your male breeding cat.

Everything exotic, special and remarkable has an outstanding price. Every little luxury has its own identification and you get an own certification. But also you know what you get in this case, don’t you?
Our Maine Coon kitten also receive their own pedigree, a health certificate and an immunisation card. Furthermore they are all wormed and given a chip inside their neck. The parents of our Maine Coon kitten were presented on different shows and won some prices. So when we choose female breeding cats, we especially pay attention for origin and naturalness. It is also important for us that the cats have healthy relatives. We attach a lot of importance to this choices.

Therefore our Maine Coon kitten are no result of mass production. They stand for quality and quality has its own price. So when we give one of our cats away only loving people with many responsibility can get one.

If you decide to buy one of our kitten, you will get something extremely special.
A kitten of Maine Coon Castle®.

Our kitten are socialized when they move to their new home and we want them to miss nothing. Therefore we will do whatever it takes to make new parents familiar with their new tasks and responsibilities. Of course we will help you out and we will answer all of your questions everytime and also later after delivery.

Unfortunately we have seen it sometimes that if the customer wants to save money, the breeder will save money as well in certain categories. Possible consequences of this attitude are high bills at the veterinary or in the worst case: a kitten's death. Ask yourself - Do you really save money? Is it worth it? DO NOT make cuttings at the wrong place, rather do more investments at the beginning. Look for responsible breeders to helf you. This is much more a blessing for pet and owner then the other way around.

Checklist before you buy a Maine Coon:

  • Do you live in a house/flat for rent? Do you need an allowance to have a cat?
  • Do you work a lot? If yes, you might think about a second cat to let them feel more comfortable
  • Is it save for the cat to go out of the house? There are a lot of dangers like infections, traffic and possible robberies.
  • Do you have enough medical treatment and high quality food?
  • Do you have someone who can take care for your cat when you are absent? For example holidays
  • Are there other animalistic family members which won’t like your cat?
  • Have you thought about the fact that a Maine Coon can grow 20 years old?

If you share our thoughts and agree to be a loving “can opener” for a long time then we will be pleased to get your request.
Please send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use our contact sheet.

At this point we want to thank Brenda´s Garden for helping us to create this webpage

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