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Mainefield's Ronny

first name: Ronny | Pedigree / Pawpeds | status: neuter
day of birth: 12.07.2015 | color: blue-silver-torbie-classic-white | MCO as 09 22
mother: DK Gideon's Victory Pearl | father: Mainefield's Union Jack

health status

FeLV negative | FIV negative | SMA N/N | PK Def. N/N | HCM MybPC3 A31P N/N

The Maine Coon male cat Mainefield’s Ronny moved to the cattery Maine Coon Castle on the 18th October 2015.

Ronny has a long body on strong paws. With his expressive eyes he watches his surroundings carefully. After he moved to the group of cats he showed his true character – a well-adjusted, friendly and kittenish boy. I like this little Maine Coon boy.

As male cat in the colour blue-silver-torbie-white is Mainefield’s Ronny a freak of nature.

Most of this male cats have a trisomy and not the normal chromosome set XY but XXY. We will let examine Ronny. Ronny will grow up in our kitten group and will give a lot of pleasure to us.

Update 4th January 2016: Ronny had a patellar luxation and was operated in the veterinarian hospital by Dr. Popp.
Update 1st April 2016: Ronny had problems with the wound and he had to be operated on the stomach. Ronny came home today. I love my little coloured fighter!
Update 9th July 2016: Ronny managed his second operation very well. He recovers from this intervention at home and will stay in our group of female girls in the future.

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