• Maine Coon Katze Akira of Motion Cool

Gr. International Champion Akira of Motion Cool

first name: Akira | Pedigree / Pawpeds
day of birth: 17.Mai 2012 | color: black-torbie-classic | MCO f22
mother: Erlkönig´s Debby | father: Angus Young of Maycoon

health status

FeLV negative | FIV negative | SMA N/N | PK Def. N/PK | HCM MybPC3 A31P (blood test) N/N
01.08.2013 HCM sonic: negative | PKD / liver sonic: negative | HD x-ray: 0/0 negative
21.10.2014 HCM sonic: negative

The Maine Coon cat Akira of Motion Cool moved into the cattery Maine Coon Castle on August 18th August 2012.

Akira has a significant appearance because of her long body and four strong and long legs. Her wonderful pads, her snout, the position of her eyes and ears and the wonderful shape of her fur makes her gorgeous in every single way. Furthermore she is colorful and she knows how to assert oneself. The only thing she has in mind is fooling around – the little williwaw of our group. She developed into a selfconfident young lady. Akira is a very strong mother and educates her kitten very tight but beloved.

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Gr. Int. Champion Akira of Motion CoolMaine Coon female 4 years and 2 months old
Maine Coon female 4 years and 2 months old
Maine Coon Katze 3 Jahre und 11 Monate alt
Maine Coon Katze 3 Jahre und 4 Monate alt
Maine Coon Cat 3 years old
Maine Coon Cat 3 years old
Maine Coon Cat 2 years old
1 year old
9 Monate alt
6 Monate alt
5 Monate alt, 3,5 Kg
Maine Coon Female
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Eine typvolle Maine Coon Katze
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Erlkönig´s Debby + Angus Young of Maycoon
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