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Healthy Maine Coon kitten will leave our cattery Maine Coon Castle around the age of 14 to 16 weeks. At this age they passed an expert opinion by a veterinarian, are immunised, wormed and given a chip inside their neck. Furthermore every kitten has its own certificate about its family tree, which is verified by Felidae e.V. They also receive a health certificate, vaccination card and a considerable bag of food and toys.

If you are seriously interested in one of our kitten, you have the possibility to take a look at them. You should be aware that we do not give ‘guided tours’ trough our cattery. Before their first immunisation you can see them from a adequate distance. After that in the age of 10 weeks and more you can visit our Maine Coon kitten and also stroke them.

The Maine Coon babies in Maine Coon Castle are all castrated before we give them away.  If you do not want your cat castrated, then you can place a security deposit payment in high of the difference to the price we take for our breeding animals. After at most six months you will receive your deposit back when you submit a certificate of the castration to us.

For interested breeders we execute all relevant tests for breeding in our veterinary practice. At the delivery you can get all results about our kitten. We DO NOT do the test on our own but through a qualified veterinarian. Genetically tested (blood): HCM, PK (Pyruvatkinase Defizienz), SMA | Giardien | FIV and determolically Mykology. Potentially, the FeLV test has to be done on your own after the recovery from the second immunisation.

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