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Maine Coon neuters and cats in retirement

On this page we want to introduce to you all the Maine Coon cats which enjoy their retirement. Each one of them has a special character and has an important meaning to us and our cattery.

We connect lovely memories to every single cat and we can tell long stories about our common history.

In function as a breeder it is not possible to keep all beloved pets when they go into retirement. We try to find a new home where our cats can spend the rest of their lives together with loving and caring owners. Dogs have owners and cats their servants. We love our cats and choose their future home very carefully and advised.

There are no cats that can be given away.

For further information to the individual cats you can click at the pictures below.

Jonny of Brenda´s Garden Mainefield's Ronny  
Jonny of Brenda´s Garden
+++ 14.06.2016 moved out +++
Mainefield's Ronny
++ lives as a neuter in MCC ++
Carry of Maine Coon Castle Gr. Int. Champion Akira of Motion Cool Alpha Cat's X-Girl
Carry of Maine Coon Castle
+++ 24.04.2016 moved out +++
Akira of Motion Cool
+++ 29.07.2016 moved out +++
Alpha Cat's X-Girl
+++ 22.07.2016 moved out +++
Starbushway Cuddle-Nelly Foxy of Maine Coon Castle Big Hannibals Pandora
Starbushway Cuddle-Nelly
+++ 10.09.2014 moved out +++
Foxy of Maine Coon Castle
+++ 06.11.2015 moved out +++
Big Hannibals Pandora
+++ 28.02.2016 moved out +++
Maine Coon King Leo of Miriquidi Coons Contessa Tala Minowis badriya 190
King Leo of Miriquidi Coons
+++ 21.12.2013 moved out +++
Contessa Tala Minowis
++ head of Maine Coon Castle ++
Abelhas Badriya
+++ 07.10.2014 moved out +++
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