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Maine Coon Castle® at Dresden in Saxony

The Maine Coon, is an American house and working cat. They are native in the north east of the US, especially in the State of Maine where they became the official state cat in 1985. For some time now, they are raised systematically. The Maine- Coon is a representative of the American Shorthair. Because of their habit- being affectionately- they are often compared with dogs. Other names for their race are Maine Cat, Maine Shag or Gentle Giant- because of their personality and size.
Source: de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maine-Coon-Katze

Maine Coons are very good in playing and fooling around. That gives them a lot of satisfaction and pleasure. Especially if they can play with equal opponent who is also in need of variety and fun as they are. Of course it is also funny just to watch them playing around. However you won't need an opponent if you are in the position to be spontaneous, varied and playful. But when you have a job or you have to leave your little friend for whatever reason often at home, you should left him some company.

Maine Coon Cats are very social and therefore the don't like it to be alone. That's why we recommend at least 2 Coonies so that they can entertain each other.

It is said: If you look in the eyes of a Maine Coon, you will fall in love forever. That's exactly what happened to us when we saw King Leo. He became our first Maine Coon. After a long time of thinking and considerations we decided to create and establish a Maine Coon breed close to Dresden.

Give our Maine Coons a chance. They will put a spell over you.

We wish you a lot fun with our cats and enjoy our website.

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