• Cattery Maine Coon Castle

Cattery Maine Coon Castle

The cattery Maine Coon Castle is located in Saxon, Switzerland only 25 kilometers away from Dresden.

In 2010 we were interested in buying a purebred cat to expand our selection of pets. We were looking for a large, chummily cat and so we came across the cat breed Maine Coon. After a long, detailed search we found our first Maine Coon: King Leo in the cattery "Miriquido Coons." At this point we want to thank Ines and Michael a lot for their counseling, help and support.

If you are familiar with the breed Maine Coon, than you know you cannot escape from their charm and character. After due consideration, we decided to build our own Maine Coon cattery. We breed healthy and social Maine Coons with a demonstrative type, remarkable size and stable character.

We are members of the association "Felidae e.V." The name of our cattery "Maine Coon Castle" is legally protected and was featured in the catalog of Felidae e.V on November 9th 2011. We recommend other associations and breeders to use the world wide registery for catteries. The site, cattery-registration.com, is great because of its transparence and security..

The cattery Maine Coon castle was given a license by the responsible veterinarian administration in Pirna referring to §11 of the law for protection of animals (breeding and dealing with animals).

We only choose healthy cats with a proper family tree. All of our cats are checked regularly by a veterinarian. The current results can be found at the cat's webpage.

You are welcome to send us your questions. Please use our contact form.

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